6696.jpgHayden Pedersen

Birth date: 25/11/1994

Birthplace: Galveston Texas/ America

Current age: 17

Height 1.86 m

Weight 75 kg

Current team: International Motorsport

Previous teams: Sabre Motorsport

Career Standings:

Fifth in the V8 Challenge Cup championship

Strengths and weaknesses

I have a burning desire to win and strive to be the best I possibly can. I believe that the team and I have the right attributes to deliver a number one position, but a few mistakes out on track have hindered us to date. 

Career high

Competing in the V8 challenge cup with some very experienced drivers.

Achieving a third qualifying position at Round 1 Hampton Downs only three tenths off pole.

Winner of the New Zealand Speedsport Scholarship 2010 -2011 season

Top 3 finishes two years running NZ Kart Sport Nationals

Career low

Receiving my first black flag drive through at Round 2 of the V8 Challenge Cup and losing a second place finish.

A few quick questions with Hayden

What are the qualities’ needed for a young racing driver?
Determination to succeed. You need to be able to win and lose as a team and when things aren’t going right you have to be able to make the best out of a bad situation.

Are you still racing karts?
Yes as much as I can to keep my mind sharp and race fit. I try and do as much racing as possible I always see it as a good thing.

What are your goals for the rest of the V8CC Championship?
To finish in the top 3 for a round of the V8CC. My goal is to always try and win, that never changes.  But I’m racing with some really good guys that have been racing these cars for a while now.  We set goals for each meeting and we do the best to achieve them.

What’s your favourite part of being at a race track apart from the driving?
The atmosphere of being at the race track as a driver is a big thing for me. I always want to present myself to a high standard. You never know who’s at the race track over a weekend, could be my new sponsor!

Sports Person you most admire?
Scott Dixon

What do you do outside of racing?
Help kids at the Kart track haha does that count! I go to school, gym, and like to hang out with friends.

Finally a curve ball

Is race car driving a sport? Yes

Does that make you an athlete? Yes

Well then how did AJ Foyt manage to win all those races with that massive beer gut of his?
Hahaha. I believe the cars are a lot more technical now days with a lot more adjustment, more down force, more grip. Where the likes of Foyt, Al Unser, Hunt, McLaren the list goes on put them in any car of their era and they could find every limit as they were all amazing drivers. I guess motorsport is now a massive business where billions of dollars gets spent so a driver has to be performing at his peak and to a high level of fitness.


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